Crossroads Counseling and Training Services (CCATS) provides person-centered supports for adults and families in Fairbanks and its surrounding area.  


We are a non-profit organization founded in 1996.  Currently, we employ over 50 people to provide Home and Community Based Waiver Services to individuals experiencing Developmental Disabilities.   We build a caring and dynamic relationship with those we serve to ensure they have the supports they need to live independently in the community.  

Our Residential Support Services are funded by the State of Alaska Division of Senior and Disabilities Services (SDS) and Medicaid.  SDS determines recipient eligibility and makes referrals to CCATS for Residential Support Services (RSS). The services we provide are designed to benefit individual through Individualized Service Plans based on the individuals preferences and choices.

Additionally, we offer individual, couples and family therapy as well as child and adolescent counseling.  Counseling begins with you and where you are in your life. When you come into our office, our support is based on person-centered care. Person Centered-Care is a way of supporting a person or family to define and create their desired future. 

Our focus is to provide therapeutic supports to build relationships, beginning with your relationship with yourself, and then with those with whom you choose. We do that, with the use evidence based practices that help identify and develop individual and family system skills.

Mission Statement

Crossroads Counseling and Training Services (CCATS)  mission is to:  

To support every persons' right to fully participate in their community, in a manner of their choosing.

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3180 Peger Rd Suite 200 Fairbanks AK United States 99701

907-455-9737 Office Number

907-479-9737 Fax Number

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3180 Peger Rd Suite 200 Fairbanks AK United States 99701

(907) 455-9737

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our Beliefs

We Believe that:

  • The most significant relationship we have, is the one we have with our self.

  • Self-regulation, self-compassion and self-trust are vital.

  • Every person's story is unique and deserves to be told.

We Believe that:

  • Families heal by being together.

  • Families grow based on building relationships.

  • Families learn skills to support their growth.

  • Families need more time together to learn, to heal, to grow and to build memories, moments of joy and their futures.


We Believe that:

  • Direct Service Professionals require as many supports as those that they support.

  • Without a supported workforce, we will be left without the most valuable group of growing professionals who care for our family members.

We Believe that:

  • We are here to support your journey as you define it.

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Opening Hours

Mon:  8:30am - 16:30pm
Tue:    8:30am - 16:30pm
Wed:  8:30am - 16:30pm
Thu:    8:30am - 16:30pm
Fri:      8:30am - 13:30pm

*Evenings and Weekends by appointment.

(Closed on most government holidays)

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3180 Peger Rd Suite 200 Fairbanks AK United States 99709

Office Number 907-455-9737

Fax Number 907-479-9737

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