History of Disability Services

From 1960's to Now

In the 1960's JFK began a mission to better understand individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). A population of America was once banished to life in an institution was becoming more understood and their disabilities researched. Aid was given in such a capacity individuals no longer needed to be hidden away in the shadows of an asylum but could be welcomed home to their families and communities to live more independent lives.

There are still a number of institutions operating in America but the population of adults living in a setting of their choice or their own homes is on the rise. The National Disability Council reports that as of 2012 eleven states had closed all institutions for individuals with IDD. 

Over the years Federal Laws have been updated and the quality of care has drastically improved. Civil Rights are enforceable by law and allow members all across the United Sates to be treated fairly and equally.


Click the link below to read a fantastic article about how disability services have changed and evolved.

Article is written  by Tammie Hopp

Crossroads' Role

We walk in partnership with  individuals and treat them the with dignity and respect that they deserve. Accommodations for Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled adults are important and we believe promoting community awareness and inclusion is necessary.  Inclusion is what Crossroads works towards, its the way we treat others and the way others treat us. It is the opportunity for us to learn and grow from one another--It is a mindset. It drives us forward to provide the best services we are cable of to help our community. 

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